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We are closing our doors!

Due to the recent Covid-19 ‘outbreak’ and lockdown and due to certain production companies not paying us on time for the actors/extras we have provided them, on 30th June 2020, Jeffery Management Ltd will be closing down.

For those who have just joined us and those who have been on our books since 2013 we have been proud to represent each and every one of you and wish you the best in your chosen careers.

Should you require a require a reference from me for future, you will be able to email me on my alternative email address, david.jeffery@invisiblesword.com.

I will still be providing services of showreels, photoshoots, and other film-related activities should you require them.

For any questions please contact me.

Kind regards,

David Jeffery


Jeffery Management Agency



Congratulations to Paul Miller for getting a role in a Commercial with Ladbrokes.

This is a huge ensemble piece. Each vignette is a slice of life in the British Isles, full of the small but heroic moments that make us human. We’re showing life as we know it, which we can identify with, then adding a little flutter. And it’s all in the richness of the detail. Fully formed characters, naturalistic performances and levity. Betting is too often associated with lad culture, but Ladbrokes is widening the scope, welcoming the two nations. There’s a sort of romance that comes from the quintessential British and Irishness.