SILENT WITNESS – Series 22, Block 3

SILENT WITNESS – Series 22, Block 3

MICK KINGSTON (Male, 30 – 39 years old)
30s builder. No specific accent. Has a dangerous feel and look about him, covered in tattoos.

DI NEIL TARAMELLI (Male, 30 – 39 years old)
30s. Italian descent – so likely dark hair, olive skin. Brighton based DI.
Masculine, but keen to prove himself, needs to pull off some of the comedy beats here too – he’s dealing with a very gruesome case but is squeamish.
Guest lead over both parts of the double ep.

KATASHI EMON (Male, 18 – 24 years old)
22. A short, slight Japanese guy – probably no more than 5’6″. He’s a student in Brighton – his parents have sent him to the UK to study so he will have a Japanese accent . He’s a nice enough guy – he’s been working as a pizza delivery boy – but he is in too deep with a bad crowd. To make matters worse, he is a now a police suspect in a gruesome murder case..
Scattered scenes over both eps.
Must be London based.

ANDREW JENNINGS (Male, 26 – 30 years old)
A gay man in his late 20s. BAME suggestions only please.
Lives and works in Brighton at Hopkins Property as an agent. Initially appears a bit untrustworthy but but it turns out he has a very personal connection to a gruesome murder case.
Scattered scenes over both eps – some good stuff here.
Must be London based

DS HANNAH QUICKE (Female, 50 – 55 years old)
Police officer in her 50s. No frills, professional, with a dry, deadpan sense of humour. Very good at her job.
Scenes across both eps.
Must be London based.

ALLIE KINGSTON (Female, 30 – 39 years old)
Mick’s wife. She lives in Brighton and is quite alternative/bohemian.
New mother (and it was a traumatic birth). Husband is a bit erratic but although she has chosen to stand by him thus far, she’s more than just a put upon wife. She’s just been too tired recently to call him out on his constant disappearing. Some emotional scenes.
Scattered scenes over both eps.
Must be London based.

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