The Talent: (Male or female, 24 – 40 years old)

The Talent:
We are looking for a wide selection of talent for this spot:
Male & female talent Playing age 24 – 40 years.
They are diverse & interesting looking, we want to cast people who are confident & have some attitude, people who know their own mind and are not easily swayed. This is as much about personalities as it is the look.
These people don’t feel ordinary they are authentic & real. People with effortless style & natural coolness.

Be cool to hear from any bloggers, vloggers, musicians, artists etc ( these are just ideas)




Please make sure talent have up to date passports and do not need any Visa etc to travel.

Read rates carefully as there is a possibility of options.

BSF: £350
Travel/ Wardrobe/ 50% of the day fee

£5000 – 1 year industrial/online only with exclusivity for consumer electronics.
£3500 – 1 year industrial/online only NO exclusivity.
£10,000 – Buyout is 1 year worldwide TV ONLY- exclusivity is consumer electronics.
£8000 – Buyout is 1 year worldwide TV ONLY- NO exclusivity
Rates Plus 20% agency fee.
2nd year additional 10% 3rd year increase of 15%
Shoot day based on 12 hours Including 1hr for Lunch – Overtime applies after the 12th Hour
Overtime 20% Per hr after 12hrs / calltime is Call to finish if the location is within 20 minutes of the hotel / Early calltime fees 20% of the day, per hour before 7am
Per diems per day including travel days per person £45

Jeffery Management

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