Resident Alien (TV Series)

PILOT for RESIDENT ALIEN based on the comic book. This is for Amblin Television and shown on SYFY network. This is the pilot and if goes to series would likely film 10 Episodes.

This dark comedic tale is about an alien in human form in a small town who is forced to interact with the inhabitants and become part of the town. Our alien has assumed the identity and form of “Harry Vanderspeigle”, a handsome retired doctor. He stays in a remote cabin near Patience, Washington, attempting to complete his original mission whilst staying out the way of the humans. Since crash landing on Earth 4 months earlier ‘Harry’ has taught himself English and human anatomy, among other things. He has also developed an interest in mystery novels and films. However, keeping to himself does not last long, when the only doctor in Patience is found dead, the town mayor and sheriff ask Harry to examine the body and fill in for him temporarily which thrusts Harry into interacting, empathising and talking with his fellow human beings every single day. An alien concept in more ways than one. DARK COMEDY

Jeffery Management

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