Request for artists to feature in charity campaign

Request for artists to feature in charity campaign

I am writing from Lights Up, the UK Charity helping give away thousands of local theatre tickets to the community. Our work has never been more important than now when the theatre lights are off for the rest of the year it seems. 

We are asking you to inform as many of your clients as possible how they can help our industry. The government will be assisting larger arts venues, but we need to raise funds to buy tickets for smaller local 2021 shows, which we will give away next year freely to community groups and charities. 

So we are launching a major national PR campaign later in July with Roland Dransfield PR to help grass roots theatre recover from Covid-19, and a horrible 2020, by asking audiences to donate some of the money they would have spent in venues to our charity, for us to buy tickets for 2021 to give away. 

There is a wholesome media opportunity for a number of performers who are prepared to feature in a talking heads video, similar to the campaign we recently partnered with Equity UK. 

Here’s 3 ways you and your clients can #PlayYourPart Please forward to your clients as appropriate. 

1. Feature in the campaign video. 
Your clients will need to register to receive a colour A4 card that will come in the post (to you or your client) with the SMS donation details that they will hold up whilst giving a short Talking Head style video. Guidelines also will be provided to standardise the content along with the card in the mail. They will post this on their social media and upload to Roland Dransfield for editing into the national campaign reel. ANY artist can register HERE to receive the board directly, or alternatively you can register to receive the boards on behalf of your clients HERE. Please do so as quickly as possible to get involved in the early part of the campaign. Further enquiries please reply  to myself or campaign director

2. Get involved with the campaign. 
We want to reach a wide audience, and this will mean that your clients should tune in to the campaign from next week via our social media @LightsUpCharity and using the #PlayYourPart and remain active followers of the campaign due to its importance to local venues and grass roots societies. Please inform your clients we are relying upon their affinity with audiences to raise funds to buy and give away tickets for shows. 

3. Get involved with Lights Up as an Ambassador
Artists are now welcome to apply to become Ambassadors to our charity. Information can be found here for those who particularly identify with our values or want to APPLY. We will be admitting a batch of Ambassadors in September. Most performers want an element of community work involvement, and our core value of improving live audience diversity and access may be a cause they want to support.  

If you or your clients have further questions, please email the office and we will assist wherever possible

Yours faithfully, 

Trustee and Chair
Lights Up
Jeffery Management

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