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UN ‘AVVENTURA (Feature Film)

165cm – Over 195cm
Pay category
1000 € per 3 shooting day total buyout -500 per day 3 days rehersal in Rome – Travel , perdiem and hotel payed by the production

Hobbs & Shaw (Feature Film)

HOBBS BROTHER (Male, 35 – 60 years old)

Male, Samoan. Bigger than Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson who is 6’4 – so quite a feat!). Intimidating, physical, and from a world of ancient weaponry and tradition. Like all brothers, he is tough on his little brother but ultimately loyal to family.

Over 195cm

Mixed Race


The Talent: (Male or female, 24 – 40 years old)

The Talent:
We are looking for a wide selection of talent for this spot:
Male & female talent Playing age 24 – 40 years.
They are diverse & interesting looking, we want to cast people who are confident & have some attitude, people who know their own mind and are not easily swayed. This is as much about personalities as it is the look.
These people don’t feel ordinary they are authentic & real. People with effortless style & natural coolness.

Be cool to hear from any bloggers, vloggers, musicians, artists etc ( these are just ideas)




Please make sure talent have up to date passports and do not need any Visa etc to travel.

Read rates carefully as there is a possibility of options.

BSF: £350
Travel/ Wardrobe/ 50% of the day fee

£5000 – 1 year industrial/online only with exclusivity for consumer electronics.
£3500 – 1 year industrial/online only NO exclusivity.
£10,000 – Buyout is 1 year worldwide TV ONLY- exclusivity is consumer electronics.
£8000 – Buyout is 1 year worldwide TV ONLY- NO exclusivity
Rates Plus 20% agency fee.
2nd year additional 10% 3rd year increase of 15%
Shoot day based on 12 hours Including 1hr for Lunch – Overtime applies after the 12th Hour
Overtime 20% Per hr after 12hrs / calltime is Call to finish if the location is within 20 minutes of the hotel / Early calltime fees 20% of the day, per hour before 7am
Per diems per day including travel days per person £45


CHAUFFEUR (Male, 35 – 60)

Description: AMERICAN any Ethnicity – Comedy bones preferred with a good sense of comedy timing – hot and bothered by the traffic …. funny in his delivery with his boss…. is quite a character. He is chauffeur to a high-powered, influential businessman. 3 days filming with one of lead support roles.

His Dark Materials (Television)

IOREK BYRNISON (Male, 30 – 50)

Description: Character is animated, so all this character will come across by voice:

IOREK BYRNISON is from The North, and so we are interested in genuine accents from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Greenland. Male, a bear, depth and resonance in his voice. He is troubled, angry, wronged, unflinching, but brave and loyal. Fearsome as an ally, terrifying and deadly as an enemy. Lyra (12) managed to bring him to her side of the fight, so we want him to win.

IOFUR RAKNISON (Male, 30 – 50)

Description: Character is animated, so all this character will come across by voice:

IOFUR RAKNISON is from The North, so we are interested in genuine accents from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Greenland. Male, a bear, depth and resonance in his voice. He is untrustworthy, a shyster, a politician. Tricked his way to being King of the bears even though he was not first in line for the throne (IOREK was). Instead of living as in the bear world, with bear ways, he wants to trade with, work alongside, live like, humans. He has no moral compass and will stop at nothing to get the power and status he wants.

The actors will be on set to perform with the actors in the scenes, so there is a physical and in person performance aspect to this role. The actor would be captured separately by animators on a witness cam (e.g. head cam/body cam). This informs the animators as reference for creation of a full CG character especially lip synch. ADR will also be required in post production

The New Pope (Television)

CARDINAL CAMERLENGO (Male, 70 – 90 years old)

The cardinal who takes possession of the apostolic palaces after the death of the pontiff and watches over the security and order of the conclave. Very very old, he has a demonic face.

Cardinals (Male, 50 – 80 years old)

These are smaller roles. Different cardinals of any ethnicity.

Syrian Boy (Male, 7 – 11 years old)

A very young syrian boy, he could be from any other country from Middle East

BAUER (Male, 40 – 60 years old)

He’s an international spy, a man of power. Physically can even be a character. Big role

“Vikings” Season 6 – History Channel

The History Channel TV show “Vikings” has been making waves for quite some time. Former Calvin Klein model Travis Fimmel stars in the series.

The TV show is now heading into its sixth season and an extras casting call has been released.

Open auditions for the History Channel TV show Vikings are being held! Contact us for details.

In addition, auditions are also being held for extras on Saturday, June 30th in Dublin. At this time the casting call is for men and women of all ethnicities and sizes who are ages 18 and older. This is an extraordinary opportunity to work on this incredible show.

Anyone who attends the casting must have a working Visa and be a resident of Ireland.

Marvel’s Captain Marvel is now hiring stand-ins in Louisiana

  • SI #1: Currently casting a 5’7″ – 5’9″ Caucasian looking female with blonde, dirty blonde or light brown hair (18+ years old) to work as a Stand-in! Please see reference photo below. Stand-in experience preferred. Please follow the instructions in order to be considered!
  • PD – 7: Currently casting African-American looking woman (18+ years old) with dark skin-tone and dark hair to work as a photo double! Please see reference photo below. Please follow the instructions in order to be considered!
    Height: 5’8 – 5’10

The movie stars Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, Annette Bening, Lee Pace, Jude Law, Gemma Chan, Djimon Hounsou, Robert Kazinsky, Rune Temte, McKenna Grace, Lashana Lynch, and Clark Gregg.


Employee’s Hampton by Hilton Hotels (Female, 25 – 35 years old)

Female Employee’s

x4 female employee’s
Warm Friendly – good smile
Should embody the spirit of Hamptonality, which is friendly, authentic, caring and thoughtful.
• 4 Females
• Ages 25-35
• Open to all ethnicities • Professional, approachable, warm,? friendly, understanding • Visually distinct from our family, in ? terms of hairstyle and/or ethnicity

TORVILL AND DEAN (Television) Male & Female, 17 – 24 years old

Spanning Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean’s story from the age of ten when they first discovered freedom from family constraints on Nottingham ice rink. And following them in the most pivotal four years of their career, the story covers the formation of their famous partnership in the late 70’s.

We witness the ugly ducklings become swans in the early 80’s, as insurance clerk Jayne and copper Chris, throw in their day jobs and enter the sparkling, world of competitive international skating. they transcend their council estate roots and become the nation’s sweethearts.

On their path to gold, Jayne and Chris must overcome major challenges: there is family drama as Chris’ estranged mum resurfaces, devastating injury, and above all, their own intense feelings for each other.

CHRISTOPHER DEAN (Male, 17 – 24 years old)

Tall athletic blonde lad from Calverton Nottingham.

JAYNE TORVILL (Female, 17 – 24 years old)

A hard working girl from Clifton Notts. Daughter of Betty, who has aspirations for Jayne to be shorthand typist, and her father George, who adores and supports her in anything she wants to do. Jayne, frustrated with her ordinaryness wants to transform herself into someone who can not just feel emotion, but express it. She sees that in Chris, and she wants it too. LEAD ROLE Nottingham Accent.

We’re looking for Actors who can ice skate to a high standard and Actors who can’t skate at all.

We’re also looking for Ice Skaters who can act