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“Vikings” Season 6 – History Channel

The History Channel TV show “Vikings” has been making waves for quite some time. Former Calvin Klein model Travis Fimmel stars in the series.

The TV show is now heading into its sixth season and an extras casting call has been released.

Open auditions for the History Channel TV show Vikings are being held! Contact us for details.

In addition, auditions are also being held for extras on Saturday, June 30th in Dublin. At this time the casting call is for men and women of all ethnicities and sizes who are ages 18 and older. This is an extraordinary opportunity to work on this incredible show.

Anyone who attends the casting must have a working Visa and be a resident of Ireland.

Marvel’s Captain Marvel is now hiring stand-ins in Louisiana

  • SI #1: Currently casting a 5’7″ – 5’9″ Caucasian looking female with blonde, dirty blonde or light brown hair (18+ years old) to work as a Stand-in! Please see reference photo below. Stand-in experience preferred. Please follow the instructions in order to be considered!
  • PD – 7: Currently casting African-American looking woman (18+ years old) with dark skin-tone and dark hair to work as a photo double! Please see reference photo below. Please follow the instructions in order to be considered!
    Height: 5’8 – 5’10

The movie stars Brie Larson, Samuel L. Jackson, Ben Mendelsohn, Annette Bening, Lee Pace, Jude Law, Gemma Chan, Djimon Hounsou, Robert Kazinsky, Rune Temte, McKenna Grace, Lashana Lynch, and Clark Gregg.


TORVILL AND DEAN (Television) Male & Female, 17 – 24 years old

Spanning Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean’s story from the age of ten when they first discovered freedom from family constraints on Nottingham ice rink. And following them in the most pivotal four years of their career, the story covers the formation of their famous partnership in the late 70’s.

We witness the ugly ducklings become swans in the early 80’s, as insurance clerk Jayne and copper Chris, throw in their day jobs and enter the sparkling, world of competitive international skating. they transcend their council estate roots and become the nation’s sweethearts.

On their path to gold, Jayne and Chris must overcome major challenges: there is family drama as Chris’ estranged mum resurfaces, devastating injury, and above all, their own intense feelings for each other.

CHRISTOPHER DEAN (Male, 17 – 24 years old)

Tall athletic blonde lad from Calverton Nottingham.

JAYNE TORVILL (Female, 17 – 24 years old)

A hard working girl from Clifton Notts. Daughter of Betty, who has aspirations for Jayne to be shorthand typist, and her father George, who adores and supports her in anything she wants to do. Jayne, frustrated with her ordinaryness wants to transform herself into someone who can not just feel emotion, but express it. She sees that in Chris, and she wants it too. LEAD ROLE Nottingham Accent.

We’re looking for Actors who can ice skate to a high standard and Actors who can’t skate at all.

We’re also looking for Ice Skaters who can act

SILENT WITNESS – Series 22, Block 3

MICK KINGSTON (Male, 30 – 39 years old)
30s builder. No specific accent. Has a dangerous feel and look about him, covered in tattoos.

DI NEIL TARAMELLI (Male, 30 – 39 years old)
30s. Italian descent – so likely dark hair, olive skin. Brighton based DI.
Masculine, but keen to prove himself, needs to pull off some of the comedy beats here too – he’s dealing with a very gruesome case but is squeamish.
Guest lead over both parts of the double ep.

KATASHI EMON (Male, 18 – 24 years old)
22. A short, slight Japanese guy – probably no more than 5’6″. He’s a student in Brighton – his parents have sent him to the UK to study so he will have a Japanese accent . He’s a nice enough guy – he’s been working as a pizza delivery boy – but he is in too deep with a bad crowd. To make matters worse, he is a now a police suspect in a gruesome murder case..
Scattered scenes over both eps.
Must be London based.

ANDREW JENNINGS (Male, 26 – 30 years old)
A gay man in his late 20s. BAME suggestions only please.
Lives and works in Brighton at Hopkins Property as an agent. Initially appears a bit untrustworthy but but it turns out he has a very personal connection to a gruesome murder case.
Scattered scenes over both eps – some good stuff here.
Must be London based

DS HANNAH QUICKE (Female, 50 – 55 years old)
Police officer in her 50s. No frills, professional, with a dry, deadpan sense of humour. Very good at her job.
Scenes across both eps.
Must be London based.

ALLIE KINGSTON (Female, 30 – 39 years old)
Mick’s wife. She lives in Brighton and is quite alternative/bohemian.
New mother (and it was a traumatic birth). Husband is a bit erratic but although she has chosen to stand by him thus far, she’s more than just a put upon wife. She’s just been too tired recently to call him out on his constant disappearing. Some emotional scenes.
Scattered scenes over both eps.
Must be London based.

MiB (Feature Film) Male and Female, 35 – 45 years old

Female, late 20’s/ early 30’s – Mother to Molly, multiracial; caring, warm, full of love for her husband and Molly.

Father to Molly, multiracial; caring, warm, full of love for his wife and Molly. Need to be able to play very late 20’s-early 30’s through their late 40’s/50’s with a convincing American accent. Couple of good scenes.


Black-Other Areas
Mixed Race

Zoe Ball idents with spec savers – Male or female, 33 – 45 years old

We are looking to cast a man and a woman, both between mid thirties and forties. They are the kind of people who would look good in a settled middle class family home.
They can be of a variety of ethnicities.
They must have good hands- no visible scarring, good nails and no other distracting features.
They mustn’t be overweight, and not too thin – average builds.
We’d like them to be able to voice act too. We’d like to include people who can pull off comedy/slapstick voices. For instance, someone reacting to finding out that their coffee is actually made with gravy granules, or discovering that their black pudding is actually a bathroom sink plug.


Amazon & Souq (Commercial) – Arabic/Mediterranean Female, 17 – 20 years old

Young Woman Casting
Needs to be either Arabic, or from the Mediterranean.
Attractive and believable in an everyday kind of way. Not a model or false. She
should have long dark hair.
She needs to look fit and athletic, like she could play for the local’s women’s
football club.
Aged between 17 and 20.


Middle Eastern


£350 BSF (less agency fees)
£2000 buyout
3 months TVC on a pay TV channel called beIN that reaches a number of
subscribers in the UAE. It’s a satellite channel but subscription only.
+ Saudi sports channel called SBC
+ All online media – including Youtube, snapchat, Facebook, twitter, google
networks, other online websites. It should cover all the online channels.

SCRAMBLED! (Television) PRESENTER (Female, 19 – 28 years old)

Scrambled! is a weekend show on CITV looking for a fun new female presenter to join the team. She should be of BAME heritage, have loads of personality, and be ready to throw herself into the sketches and fun vibe of the show. She will ideally have some kind of presenting experience on YouTube or mainstream TV, but this is not essential if a total newbie has the right talent and spark.

We would love her to have a specific area of interest such as sport or music, or to come from a comedy background. Ideally aged 19-22 but we can go up to 28 for the right person.

As part of the audition process, the final shortlisted candidates must be available for ITV’s Big Audition (filming 18-20 June), so please be aware of this when making suggestions.

TV Commercial Auditions in Lexington, KY

Credit Union Loans – RV/BOAT Commercial

Location: Lexington, KY

Type: TV Commercial

COMMERCIAL CASTING FAMILIES: $400/Family (less agency fees).

We’re casting two families for two upcoming commercial shoots that involves an RV and boat. We’re looking to shoot in the next two weeks, just trying to find a day when the weather will cooperate with us. We’re still working out locations but should not be more than an hour outside of Lexington. We will know the location no less than 1 day before. I’ve provided casting specifications below:

RV SHOOT: Will be getting shots of family entering RV and enjoying the outdoors.
CASTING – Family with teen-aged children

BOAT SHOOT: Shots of family out on a lake enjoying their boat.
CASTING – Young family with children ~4-12

These are non-speaking roles, so non-acting families are welcome (so if you have any families in mind, feel free to share this with them). We just need a family to smile and have a good time. Once we pick our families, we will work with you to find a good date/time that will work for filming. As I said earlier, these are outdoor shoots so we’re at the mercy of the weather and we may have to play it by ear.

Payment: Paid

City or Location of call: Lexington, KY