Craig Douglas was born on February 7, 1986 in Middlesbrough, United Kingdom, He was raised in the small town of Grangetown.

He is a Writer, Director, Editor and Producer, Over the years he studied the work of Steven Spielberg, James Cameron and Martin Scorsese which helped him learn to make films and write screenplays.

The son of Janice and retired steel worker Terry and is the eldest of eight children, he has five sisters and two brothers.


2019 Fortunate Son (Short)

Titles yet to be made

“Time on our Hands”
(Time travel – Sci fi short/feature.)

Sleeping in, running late, Brody and Heather try to make it to their local comic convention. Getting there to see the huge lines of people they wish on having a time travel device. Meeting A Mystery Man, comics, collectables and passing through time and another dimension, the fanboy and girl get a bigger con experience than they expected!

‘Reddington’ – working title
(Western, crime feature.)

From losing his parents at a young age, William Peterson is brought up in a small western town, with theft, deception and corruption. All he wants to fight for is revenge.

‘Everybody Hurts’

Falling pregnant in her last year of school wasn’t the plans Angie had for her life, abandoned by the father and left to bring up her child on a council estate in the North of England, all she wants is a better life for her child. Meeting a drug dealer along the way, her life takes a path that nobody would want to walk.


2019 Fortunate Son (Short) (producer)
2014 The Butcher (Short) (associate producer)


2019 Fortunate Son (Short)  


2019 Fortunate Son (Short)

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