Paul Bibb is a screenwriter. Please see below some of his screenplays for sale.

My Only Relative. “A story so true, it is quite unbelievable.”

Gold Bullion hidden in public plain view with a horse prettier than a rainbow! For Towerblock living Frank Harris, retrieving his inheritance left to him by his only relative really will be a roller coaster of swings and roundabouts. On an adventure he just isn’t prepared for, not prepared for by a long way. Not prepared for the action the romance the drama the betrayal the deception and the discovery; it would be Fair to say!

Festival Heist. “A clear conscience is a sure sign of a bad memory.”

FISH, a one-time millionaire needs a break. It’s a long story, but dialing the wrong number a couple of years back, has created a life or death dilemma. He’s in debt and creativity is the only currency he has to play with. So, he convinces his friends, Robbie and Hoxton a couple of bootleggers of festival pop and rock concert merchandising to gather together a bunch of likeable and not so likeable rogues whilst he hatches a plan to rob the takings from the Main Tune Rock Festival, the organisers of which have made it a cash/first come first served event’. Back in the day all music festivals were run on this basis; and for FISH the chance to cash in on the heavy metal again is too good miss. However, as he is about to soon discover, the shady world of bootlegging is a far cry from the fine art of robbery. 

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