Eye Colour:BrownHeight:170cm
Hair Colour:BlackWeight:70kg
Hair Length:ShortBuild:Stocky

It was the 3rd of June 2010, when I watched my first Breaking Bad episode(against my parents wishes) and even at that young age, I knew I was watching a master of his craft.

I’ve always been addicted to excellence as installed in me by my industrious mother ,however, that feeling was not something I could process then but now I can only call it a ‘Eureka’ moment.

Upon realising I was blessed with a combination of introversion and high intelligence, I subdued my personality but every now and then I gravitated towards theatre, displaying all those suppressed mannerisms in the spotlight.

My Parent’s divorce tore me apart and art was my escape. All I wanted to do was create and that’s all I’ve been doing ever since.  The gift of garb and my expressive face has always aided me, especially in my dramaturgy but now I’m ready to ascend to a higher tier.

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