Eye Color:BlueHair Color:Brown
Playing Ages:16-24Height:5’4″
Accents:Sheffield (native), Yorkshire, Manchester, American – Standard, Texas, South American
Sport:Karate (Black Belt), Climbing / Bouldering, Swimming, Skateboarding
Stage Combat:Knife and Rope, Baton, Quarter Staff, Open Hand
Other Skills:Guitar, Ukulele, Saxophone by ear, Piano by ear, Rubik’s Cube Expert, Juggling, Diablo, Devil’s Stick, Painter / Drawer, Video Editor, Photographer

Sheffield born Actress, Lindsay Crawford, has just graduated from the Acting for Contemporary and Devised Theatre course at the University of Northampton. During her training she developed a wide range of skills, her favorite being multi-rolling, comedy and screen acting.

Lindsay’s enthusiasm and drive inside and outside of Acting is very apparent and she approaches every situation and job with positivity and energy.

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