Playing Age: 25-35 yrsEye Color:Blue
Nationality:British / NorwegianHair Color:Red / Dark Red
Height:6 ft 3Hair Length:Short
Build:AthleticLanguages:English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish
Skills:Dancing (Ballroom), Bongo Drums, Bodayboarding, Free Runing, Horse Riding, Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing, Boxing, Swimming, Accents: English RP, American, Cockney, Manchester, Norwegian, East Norwegian, North Norwegian, South African
Driving Licence:Moped, Car, Boat

Magnus Dugdale is an English/Norwegian actor who has been acting since a very young age. He currently resides in Norway but regularly travels to the US and the rest of Europe.

Magnus was always a performer. He would act out characters from films and perform for family and friends. Having an active imagination, he would write comedic stories and improvise with the characters in front of a crowd.

Magnus always gravitated towards the creative arts with painting and drum lessons. He was an energetic child and quickly became interested in sports, playing tennis, football, volleyball, horse riding and boxing. He also took part in several school plays as performing came very easy to him. During this period, he read everything he could about acting. He studied the works of Stanislavski, Stella Adler, Michael Chekhov, Lee Strasberg and Larry Moss. He became a self-taught actor who follows his curiosity.

People who have worked with him have called him a Method Actor but he prefers to learn from others and by trial and error develop his own method. He is always on the look out to push himself by getting more and more challenging roles both in film and theatre. Improvisation comes very natural to him. He has always gravitated towards something complex and often vicious characters. This has led him to play characters which have more substance.

He has been inspired over the years by many great actors, but has always been a fan of trying it his way.


2015 – 2016 Drama U.I.S.
2011 – 2012 Drama and Theatre Bakkentun Folkehøyskole

Film Credits

Giles RomillyKampen om NarvikFeatureErik Skjoldbjærg2021
LarsGLIMTShortThomas Beckmann2021
MagnusMango: Lifes CoincidencesFeatureCato Manuel Lizaraso EkreneTBA
Willy KnudsenFrontkjempere TV SeriesAlexander Kristiansen2021
Captain SkyeG.O.D.TECHFeatureDavid John Jeffery2022
FrankTotal ParanoiaFeatureBen Von Cronos2021
ErlingHyttegalskap (Cabin Crazy)FeatureCaroline Toledo2019
KhalifatetAlle Lever I fengsel Music VideoCaroline Toledo2019
TommyFugaziFeatureBen Von Cronos2021
German Soldier12th ManFeatureHarald Zwart2017
Mark StensamSave The MosquitoesShortDavid John Jeffery2016
KnutMeeting with a PsychiatristCase FilmThao Ngyen2016
MarcusLittle LambShortThao Ngyen2016
VidarIldfronten (Firefront)Short2016
CharlesFor Pete’s SakeShortMax Segall2015

Theatre Credits

RoleProductionTheatre CompanyDirectorYear
Willy Turner LamponFrightful EveningBATSHeike Groeger2016
Billy DooThe Three Musketeers, Alexandre DumasBATS (British Amateur Theatre Society)Mindy Christensen2016
Eilif“Mother Courage and her children” Bertholdt BrechtAnna Tonga Moller2016
Harry“Matilda” Roald DahlAnna Tonga Moller2015
Doctor Wangel“Lady by the sea” Henrik IbsenMarit Nesse2011


RoleProductionProduction CompanyDirectorYear
CustomerBackstage Lounge Café BarMarco Nymark 2018


RoleProductionProduction CompanyDirectorYear
NarratorGjensidige ValuesSoundTänk ASChristian Caspersen 2018

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