Playing Ages:42-52 yrsEye Colour:Green/Blue
Hair Length:Mid LengthHair Colour:Blonde
Height:170 cmWeight:68kg
Languages:English, German, FrenchAccents:Yorkshire, Cockney, South American

I have come to acting later in life after spending many years as a a doctor. I have just completed a diploma in professional acting at the Bridge Theatre Training Company.

I qualified as a medical doctor in 1993 and have been a consultant psychiatrist since 2003. I reached a certain age with a zero in it and decided to pursue what had always been yearning and burning inside me for many years and trained to be an actor. I had a fantastic year at the Bridge Theatre Training company. I learnt so much and feel totally transformed as an actor. I really feel ready to get out there in the industry, although I acknowledge that things are especially hard at the moment

As a qualified psychiatrist and doctor of many years experience, I bring a wealth of experience to my acting. In psychiatry you see humanity in all its glory and the best and worst of what people can be. I think people are fascinating and amazing with all their flaws and eccentricities and that’s why I love psychiatry and also why I love acting as an art form. As a psychiatrist, I have excellent listening skills and a real understanding of human nature. I can play professional roles such as doctor, lawyer etc easily.

Whilst at the Bridge Theatre Training Company, I really enjoyed quirky character parts and comedy roles. I have had feedback that I am very good at these and have excellent comic timing, I am also very good in caring, counselling roles and am good at playing sympathetic best friends etc. I believe my voice is very good and powerful and I have good resonance. I have had feedback that I give a very natural performance and portray emotions well. Although there is a gentleness to my acting, I have also played powerful roles very well.I am good at role play for medical or legal examinations and have already done this as part of medical student teaching during my work as a doctor.

I have some accent skills including Yorkshire, General American, American Southern states and RP. I have a stage combat qualification in unarmed, batons and sword, passed with merit. I have a good blues style singing voice, but would use this as part of an acting role as I am probably not sufficiently skilled for musical theatre.

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