Height:5’6″Eye Colour:Blue
Weight:152 lbHair Colour:Brown
Ethnicity:Caucasian / WhiteLanguages:English
Skills:Voice overAccents:American, Southern States, English RP, English Australian

Mike is the CEO & business owner of Splash Designworks, a design, branding, video production, marketing & social media family business, a professional, leader, motivational and professional conference speaker, marriage coach and more.

He has won many accolades for creative production work and within the recent years, utilization of voiceover talent, both online and locally.

As a creative minded person with a flair for impressions, he has had a pungent for emulating a myriad of characters throughout his life. Starting when he was in elementary school, doing stand up impressions in school talent shows, he has kept that ability to do characters and voices. Life has needed his attention for many years until recently with his daughter’s amazing talents and voiceover sparking the “old flame” of voiceover, and the request of his wife and daughter, he has once again characterized the talent once utilized as a youth.

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