Height:5’10” / 178cmEye Colour:Hazel
Weight:79 kgHair Colour:Black
Nationality:BritishHair Length:Short
Ethnicity:Arabic / Middle EasternLanguages:English, Arabic
Skills:Boxing, Running, Yoga, Tai ChiAccents:Londonderry, Cockney, Iraqi Arabic
Driving License: Car

Montesa is a British Arabic speaking actor, with a story to express through multiple characters. He has always been diligent to his tasks by challenging himself to express his creative flair in cinema. He is fully focused on bringing out the right emotion to touch the audience.

Montesa decided to indulge further into the world of acting, by receiving professional training at RADA.

With over 15 years behind the camera and being in editing suites whilst cutting together various projects, Montesa gained his stripes through the every day dealings of the film world. After going freelance Montesa decided to write his first short film “Senseless” whilst in Jordan and after securing a small budget Montesa directed his first film. Montesa always called his method of directing as method, as he would usually get into character for the actor to feed off.


BA Film Making, 2003-2006

HND Music Production 1999-2002

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