London, UK – Born and raised in London, Yaseen Hussain, born to a British born father and Pakistan born mother has always had a passion for acting. Yaseen has always had an active and very creative imagination and has used that creativity in working on his craft. He also enjoys sports, drama and film clubs as well as computers. At the age of 2 he began swimming which sparked his love for sports and he has added cricket and football to his active list of sports. In September Yaseen will be attending Furze Platt Senior School in Maidenhead.

Young Yaseen has a very unique look and has been known for his style and is a trendsetter amongst his peers. Yaseen began modeling at an early age and loves the camera. With a diverse background, his parents feel that it is important for Yaseen to understand all aspects of his culture and he visits his mother’s country of Pakistan every year for 6 to 8 weeks to learn about his culture and spend time with family. Yaseen is a young talent on the rise with great passion for the world of film and stage.

2018 G.O.D.TECH
Film (feature)
David John Jeffery Invisible Sword Productions Ltd
2012 young boy
Film (short)
Internal Communications Co-ordinator
London College of Communication
LCC Summer Shows 2012
2012 CHILD
Lucy Trendle speakeasy
2012 son
A Family Day at the Beach – Photo Shoot
Liz Heward
Brightwave Ltd
2011 voise over
Juliette McCawley Nike
2011 son
Film (docu)
Juliette McCawley Central Film School London