Daniel Jones is the founder of The Aspie World (TAW), an internationally-recognized patient leadership platform that works to help the world understand autism — from an autistic person’s perspective.

It has become the UK’s #1 resource for Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, OCD, and dyslexia. With a YouTube audience of over 100k and over 8 million views, Dan has become an influencer and public speaker — and a leading voice in the autism community.

Diagnosed on the spectrum at the age of 26, Dan’s life suddenly came into sharp focus. A musician by trade, he always thought he was “a little different”, and immediately began seeking community in order to shift his understanding from the clinical world into the real one.

From there, things really took off. In this episode, he sat down with Lauren to talk about his experience — and how patient advocacy has changed his perspective. His energy is infectious and upbeat — so prepare to be wowed!

“The Aspie World is how I show the world that Autism can be freaking cool!

My channel is informative and fun videos on Aspergers Syndrome / Aspergers Symptoms and Autism in adults with tips and hacks for daily life.

I’m Dan and I have an Aspergers Syndrome Diagnosis of Aspergers in adults. I post new videos every week on Thursdays, Fridays and usually Saturdays So if you have a family member or loved one on the autism spectrum or if you are in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorder, and want to learn more about autism, Aspergers join Team TAW by hitting that SUBSCRIBER button to this channel right now (turn notifications on too!).

Follow my socials @TheAspieWorld on Instagram & Twitter.”

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