Amazon & Souq (Commercial) – Arabic/Mediterranean Female, 17 – 20 years old

Young Woman Casting
Needs to be either Arabic, or from the Mediterranean.
Attractive and believable in an everyday kind of way. Not a model or false. She
should have long dark hair.
She needs to look fit and athletic, like she could play for the local’s women’s
football club.
Aged between 17 and 20.


Middle Eastern


£350 BSF (less agency fees)
£2000 buyout
3 months TVC on a pay TV channel called beIN that reaches a number of
subscribers in the UAE. It’s a satellite channel but subscription only.
+ Saudi sports channel called SBC
+ All online media – including Youtube, snapchat, Facebook, twitter, google
networks, other online websites. It should cover all the online channels.

Jeffery Management

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