TORVILL AND DEAN (Television) Male & Female, 17 – 24 years old

Spanning Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean’s story from the age of ten when they first discovered freedom from family constraints on Nottingham ice rink. And following them in the most pivotal four years of their career, the story covers the formation of their famous partnership in the late 70’s.

We witness the ugly ducklings become swans in the early 80’s, as insurance clerk Jayne and copper Chris, throw in their day jobs and enter the sparkling, world of competitive international skating. they transcend their council estate roots and become the nation’s sweethearts.

On their path to gold, Jayne and Chris must overcome major challenges: there is family drama as Chris’ estranged mum resurfaces, devastating injury, and above all, their own intense feelings for each other.

CHRISTOPHER DEAN (Male, 17 – 24 years old)

Tall athletic blonde lad from Calverton Nottingham.

JAYNE TORVILL (Female, 17 – 24 years old)

A hard working girl from Clifton Notts. Daughter of Betty, who has aspirations for Jayne to be shorthand typist, and her father George, who adores and supports her in anything she wants to do. Jayne, frustrated with her ordinaryness wants to transform herself into someone who can not just feel emotion, but express it. She sees that in Chris, and she wants it too. LEAD ROLE Nottingham Accent.

We’re looking for Actors who can ice skate to a high standard and Actors who can’t skate at all.

We’re also looking for Ice Skaters who can act

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