GRAMPA’S STORIES – Screenplay for sale

GRAMPA’S STORIES – Screenplay for sale

When a tough biker returns home after his sudden disappearance a year prior,
he is forced to face both his past and his Faith.


A horrific car accident leaves a family shattered and a young set of twins without a mother. COBRA, step-grandfather to the twins, was driving at the time and he is consumed by grief and guilt. He blames himself for the death of his wife, AMANDA, and her daughter, STEPHANIE, mother to twins, KEN and KARA.

After the loss, and being cut off from the grandchildren, Cobra leaves town . One year later, Cobra returns to begin living life again. This is easier said than done. While the accident is in the past, the damage caused by it remains. Amanda’s younger sister, SARAH, has taken over custody of the twins. VICTORIA, her older sister, believes that Cobra caused the accident on purpose in order to claim
the life insurance money. Things are tense, to say the least.

When a babysitter cancels on Sarah mere hours before her nightshift, she has no other choice. She calls Cobra to watch the twins, thus beginning his entrance back into their lives. Kara is overjoyed by this change. Her love for her grampa is unmatched by any. Ken is less certain. He saw Cobra leave and feels he abandoned them. Despite his rough exterior, Cobra is a master storyteller. He tells them a funny story in an attempt to ease the tension. In it, he paints himself as the hero who saves the twins. Both children are enthralled. Sarah is so
impressed by how things go, that she invites Cobra to watch the twins every Wednesday night, taking them to their youth group at the local church. Cobra, eager for any excuse to spend time with the twins, accepts.

As time passes, Cobra’s relationship with his grandchildren and Sarah strengthens. Victoria remains distant. She hires a private investigator to look into Cobra’s past, hoping to find some dark secrets that she can use to banish him for good. Meanwhile, Cobra continues to watch Kara and Kenny. Soon he finds himself sucked into the church community as he organizes a film based on biblical readings with the youth group. The children are thrilled! Cobra modernizes Bible stories so that all children, whether regular church attendees or totally ignorant of the Bible, can understand and learn. He makes them fun and interesting. PASTOR STEEN is impressed. As time passes we see Cobra begin to soften and transform.

Sarah is thrilled with Cobra’s progress, save for one thing. He’s still drinking. She asks him to stop. He takes the request seriously and quits cold turkey. This sudden action comes with consequences. Cobra collapses and is rushed off to the hospital. Pastor Steen, a former alcoholic himself, convinces Cobra to join AA. Cobra begins to realize that he has feelings for Sarah. He commits himself fully to improving his health and begins to seek Faith as well.

Victoria is not pleased by this recent series of events. She learns some dangerous “truths” about Cobra’s past and confronts him. He argues against them, becoming almost violent. Then, to his horror, he realizes the twins heard everything. He leaves, promising never to come back. Sarah and the twins are left feeling betrayed once more. The twins are no longer excited for their youth
group and Sarah is distressed.

The private investigator is less sure. He discovers that Victoria failed to mention a crucial part of the story. He rushes to tell Sarah and the twins the truth. Cobra is innocent! In fact he saved someone’s life. In a gripping climax, Sarah, the twins, and Steen rush to find Cobra before he leaves for good. They find him, drunk, at his work in the Reptile House. They convince him to come home. But
Sarah trips, knocking over a cage and freeing a venomous snake. Cobra grabs it blindly to save the twins. He gets bitten.

Cobra falls into a coma. The doctors are convinced he won’t pull through, but by some miracle he does. Sarah and Cobra confess their love to one another and Victoria makes amends. A few months later, Sarah and Cobra get married.

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