Requirement for 24TH & 25TH JANUARY

St Paul’s. LONDON

40 Juniors (Male/Female)

Age Group 35-50yrs

Costume: Elite Party

Caucasian preferred

5 Juniors to play Servers – Caucasian (Male) Age group 21-25yrs

Costume : White shirt & Black Plants

1 featured extra (has Dialogues)

Indian Female: Age group 40-50 yrs

Costume: Elite Fundraiser Type dress

We will need them for both days

1 Featured Extra

Indian Female : Age group 21-25 yrs

costume:Elite Fundraiser Type dress


Rates: 10 hours @ £82.10

11 hours @ £90.31

12 hours @ £98.52

Extra £20 for a if given more then 1 line.

Rates inclusive of 10% agency fee

Shoot can last upto 12 hours so much be flexible & be able to do even over time of required, if anyone leaves the shoot before it ends then they won’t get paid.

Note: Extras can bring coveting whatever I’d close possible, best to keep an extra costume change option with them.

Please apply to with you name, age, mobile number and photos. Also include which dates you are free

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