Playing Ages6-9 yrs
Eye ColourBlue
Hair ColourLight Brown
Hair LengthShort
Weight31.75 kg

Brody is a happy, confident and social little boy. He has a winning smile with a wicked laugh. He has worked as a child model at a younger age.

Brody loves anything to do with water and is very confident in it. He recently completed an Aztec water assault course. He is very adventurous and will try anything once. He also likes fair ground rides as well as his bike, scooter and hoverboard.

Brody has a very good vocabulary which could have been partly to do with his obsession with dinosaurs from a very young age. He could name about 40 difference species by the time he was 2 years old. As well as dinosaurs, Brody’s interests are Minecraft, Roblox and You Tubers (Share Family) for example. He loves to sing and dance and can hold a tune.

Brody loves animals. The family has an American bull dog and a small terrier.

Brody thrives with adult direction and is very eager to please. He forms friendships very easily and that combined with his gift of the gab makes him very lovable. He makes friends wherever he goes.

Academic Studies

Brody is in year 3 at school. He can read competently and can write. Brody has an amazing memory. He could recite his favorite book word for word. He also has a really good sense of direction.

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